When I’m not capturing your moments, or piecing those moments together on an editing grind, you’ll most likely catch me out for a coffee at my local, loudly barracking for Freo at Optus (*cough* Flagmantle *cough*) or catching up with friends over a drink. I love a good impromptu-karaoke sesh but I promise not to bring out my awful pipes on your wedding day (unless you play any song from the High School Musical soundtrack, in which case I’ll be breaking free and bopping to the top, you can bet on it...)

Just like the rest of my team, I’m easy-going and stress-free. It’s very very cool that you’re inviting us into such a special moment of your life and I want to make sure we add to that. We’ll have a laugh with you, help with pocket squares, carry bouquets and do what we do best to enhance your day. All whilst ensuring we're capturing all the gorgeous, real, raw, uncontrived moments of your day in their natural beauty.

You don't need to take my word for it, you can find a heap of words from our gorgeous couples on our home page.

If you like the look of what we do, I’d love to chat to you and your partner over a drink, to give us a chance to get to know each other better.

With love,

OH HI HELLO. I’m Dylan. And Partografia is my baby.

Your wedding day is incredibly special, surrounded by your closest friends and family, and I am so grateful to be invited into that.

I love getting to know you and your partner, learning your vibe, your relationship, your love languages.

I love being able to capture the important moments of your lives in our signature style.

And I love seeing your reactions when you get to watch our films and see our photos, reliving moments that you will cherish forever.




This is Matt.

He’s our go-to videography king, capturing all those special moments whilst I’m capturing photos. He’s also slowlyyyyyy coming around to the High School Musical and Hamilton soundtracks (due to many forced listenings on long drives together).


This is Jhaz.

Everybody say hi Jhaz!! Jhaz does it all, effortlessly switching between videography and photography. With a background in screenwriting, Jhaz immerses herself in your love story, capturing and crafting pure gorgeousness from your day.

Jhaz loves her TV & cinema. We spend hours deciphering and decoding the beauty & meaning in recent tv shows, anything from Succession to Too Hot to Handle.


This is Grace.

Grace is the epitome of golden retriever energies. Grace will be the first on the dfloor, and if she had it her way, the last one too. She will hype you up stronger than DJ Khaled hypes up his own tracks. With a blossoming music career, Grace has a gorgeously creative eye. And with that eye, she will capture you in the weird and wonderful way only she can.


This is Aaron.

Aaron and I have been mates for five years now, and have been shooting together for almost that long.

He's a wicked second shooter and he loves capturing the often-missed reactions and small moments interspersed throughout your special day.

Aaron also cooks a ferocious pork roast, is my travelling buddy and thinks pineapple on pizza is a crime.

I'll be honest with you, Aaron doesn't shoot much with me anymore, as he settles into his physio career. But, between you and me, I don't have the heart to take him off the website.


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